We have been friends for many years.  We grew up sharing a love of animals, adventure, small towns, and of course fashion.  Our parents instilled in us the importance of a strong work ethic and encouraged us to carry it over into everything we do. As we grew up, moved away for college and entered the business world, we both developed into STRONG, independent women. Life has gifted us with full time jobs, husbands, kids, and community involvement; but we’re made for more.  

We believe that every woman, no matter her age, size or shape deserves to feel beautiful in her own skin.  Our mission for EJ Strong & Company is to provide clothing for the strong, independent woman. We want to provide a variety of styles, shapes, and creativity so each of you can express your inner beauty on the outside.  Instead of “dress for the job you want” how about “dress as the woman you were made to be.”

Be STRONG, Be Beautiful, Be You!

                                                                                      ~ Katie & Abby